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About UKTI South Korea

UKTI's team in South Korea has over 80 years combined experience of providing support and advice to UK companies who have won business in South Korea. By combining the network of offices in the UK and our unique contacts in the market we can help your business thrive in South Korea. Whether you need a list of potential customers, the contact details of a potential distributor or the use of a prestigious venue for an event we can help - contact us on for more information. In the meantime we hope these blogs will enlighten you about the culture and opportunities in Korea.

5 questions with …. Hugo Fearnley, Nature’s Laboratory

5 Questions with …. Is UKTI South Korea’s blog series where we find out more about the Korean market via small bites. This month we talk to Hugo Fearnley (pictured) , Business Development Director for Nature’s Laboratory, a healthcare and … Continue reading

5 Questions with … John Murphy

It’s a new year for UKTI South Korea so we thought it would be nice to hear from our newest member of our team, Head of Trade John Murphy. John is responsible for Trade Strategy and Service Delivery in UKTI … Continue reading

5 Questions With… British Chamber of Commerce Chairman Michael Reed

Last month we at UKTI were honoured to host His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester to Seoul. As part of the His Royal Highness’s busy schedule he presided over the signing of the ‘Chamber’s Initiative’ MoU between UKTI South … Continue reading

Opportunity Korea – a week you don’t want to miss

I have been struck, in the nearly 2 and a half years that I have been living here, by the sheer dynamism of South Korea. There’s a real sense that our bi-lateral cooperation has never been stronger and I hear … Continue reading

Building Bridges between the UK and Korea

I’m lucky in South Korea to live in such an exciting and rapidly developing environment. This is as clear from the many large urban infrastructure projects that form around us almost overnight as much as it is from the plethora … Continue reading

The British are coming, in style

One of the things I love most about living in South Korea is the vibrant, dynamic and fashionable population. Koreans are world renowned for their love of style and are highly brand and image conscious. So what better place for UKTI … Continue reading

EU – S. Korea Free Trade Agreement – what does it mean for the UK?

The FTA is headline news in Korea. The Korean public know about the FTA and understand its significance. They also know they will pay cheaper prices for EU goods. Not surprisingly, many companies are busy compiling new marketing strategies to … Continue reading

NDS defends Korean market share with UKTI help

Here in South Korea, we work to provide a wide variety of research and tailored services for our clients, but that’s not the whole story. I thought I’d share this example of another kind of really important work we do. … Continue reading

What would you expect from UKTI?

It’s always good to know what you’re doing is making a difference. We were thrilled recently to receive this piece of feedback from Kate Wright and Adrian Cronin. They are directors of a UK company, Isle of English, with whom … Continue reading

South Korea: Conglomerates continue their evolution

One of the most striking features of the South Korean economy is the hugely important role played by its large conglomerates, or ‘chaebol’ in Korean.  The chaebol are led in size by Samsung – which has annual revenues larger than … Continue reading