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Russell Jones is the Regional Director for UK Trade & Investment in the South West and has held this post since 2007. Russell has a wealth of experience from both the public and private sector. After starting his career in international banking, Russell held a number of Government posts, including Assistant Director of regional policy at the DTI. He also undertook a spell as a Commercial Officer at the British Consulate General in Sydney.

Export Week – make time to explore your growth potential

Since the first Export Week was launched almost year ago, it has been great to see so many of the region’s companies, large and small, taking up the international trade challenge. From children’s swimwear and tricycles to shellfish and beer. … Continue reading

Web fuelled exports – keep up and get ahead

With Export Week now well underway in the South West and across UK, this is the perfect week to emphasise that Exporting is Great. Supporting more small and medium sized businesses to export is a crucial part of the Government’s plan … Continue reading

Exporting – the sky’s the limit

It is well known that developing international markets is critical to achieving sustainable growth, not just for individual businesses but for the wider economy too. By exporting we compete with some of the best companies around the world and this … Continue reading

Open for Business, Open to Export

Face-to-face contact is arguably the most effective way to develop a business relationship. However, with international trade this is not always possible because of the distances involved. Digital communications are therefore playing an increasing role in the way global business … Continue reading

Why exporting doesn’t have to be ‘mission impossible’

For many companies new to exporting, the thought of doing business overseas can be a daunting prospect – and for some it may seem like ‘mission impossible.’ However, given that research shows exporting businesses have improved productivity and sales, innovate … Continue reading