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Leigh Turner took up responsibilities as HM Consul General and Regional Director for Trade & Investment for Turkey, Central Asia and the South Caucasus on 10 September 2012. His blog is mostly about Turkey and the UK and what links us together.

Turkish-British partnership hits a high

In late March, the sun beats down on metre-deep snow. On slopes above, skiers glide. At a hotel in the town centre, over 500 top Turkish business people and opinion formers have gathered. Welcome to the Uludağ Economic Summit in Bursa – … Continue reading

Turkmenistan – business opportunities

With which overseas market did UK bilateral trade in goods increase by 200% in 2012? The answer is Turkmenistan, whose International Investment Forum I and colleagues including Ron Nash, UK co-Chair of the Turkmenistan UK Trade and Industry Council, attended … Continue reading

Istanbul: bridges, tunnels, airports and – maybe – Olympics

Two vast bridges spans a picturesque strait. Nearby, engineers are completing a rail tunnel which, like the bridges, will link Europe and Asia. A third bridge is under construction. A road tunnel is planned, together with a brand-new airport which, … Continue reading

Why is everyone investing in the UK? Why aren’t you?

Why is the Turkish company HDM Steel setting up a £7m manufacturing plant in South Wales? Take a look at the world. Think about countries where you might possibly imagine investing your money. Do they have a solid record on … Continue reading

Palm Trees in Kazakhstan

Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, is not noted for its mild climate.  In fact it is amongst the world’s coldest capitals, with temperatures regularly below minus 30 in the winter. But at the centre of the city a huge … Continue reading

48 hours in Istanbul

It’s after midnight on a Friday and I’m waiting at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport to meet FCO Europe Minister David Lidington off a late flight from London. The airport is packed with people as passengers pour into a city which for … Continue reading

Britain in Turkey

$56 billion of infrastructural investment opportunities. New airports, bridges, motorways, ports and healthcare opportunities running up to 2023. Top-level political support from the British and Turkish Governments. All this is the background to this week’s visit to Turkey by Deputy … Continue reading