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My name is Jenny Gardner and I am based at the British Embassy in Stockholm as Director for UK Trade and Investment in Sweden. I most recently worked for an insurer and spent a good amount of time doing business in the London insurance market. It gives me a connection and a particular satisfaction to now focus completely on bilateral business between the UK and Sweden. I am also utterly impressed with the organization as such and I am happy to be working together with this great team. After office hours I spend a lot of my time with my three children or transpiring in the yoga studio or trying to educate myself in accidental subjects like arithmetic, behavioural economics and how to measure word-of-mouth marketing.

Christmas is all around

I have always been corny – a bit banal and sentimental. I adore romantic comedies. I watch the Eurovision Song Contest every year and I cry when I watch Les Miserables – every time. I could easily add more to … Continue reading

British Racing Green and a Greener Automotive Future

Many years ago, I was in Kent with a friend visiting one of the great industrialists of the time. We were invited to lunch at the family’s lovely, understated cottage. On my way home I could conclude that our host … Continue reading

Strategies for growth

During the years that I spent in industry, prior to my current position working for the UK government, I must admit that I took special pleasure in working with strategic business development. For me, nothing equals the joy of building … Continue reading

Be British, be sincere and be bold

Spring has finally arrived in Sweden and some are even saying that summer is here. Next week we will have to call it summer as the British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) in Sweden is to hold a brilliant summer dinner … Continue reading

Innovation, business and harnessing the unexpected

I always had my doubts about macroeconomics. Just the term “ceteris paribus” (all other things being equal) made me thoroughly suspicious. When has anything really been “ceteris paribus”? No day is like another and if I learnt one lesson in … Continue reading

UK entrepreneurs – run with the modern Vikings!

Recently I participated in a truly Nordic activity. I spent the better part of my Sunday sliding around on the ice between the small town of Sigtuna and Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I was taking part in “Vikingarännet” (directly … Continue reading

Riffing in the New Year

So, 2013 is finally here, its arrival marked with fireworks, confetti and celebrations.  These days, “Ringing in the New Year” certainly has a double meaning. The internet and the networked society are here to stay, but the most recent developments … Continue reading

Christmas is no humbug

I started December this year with a lovely performance of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens at the Maxim Theatre here in Stockholm. The story was brilliantly told and sung by a group of English actors.  Ebenezer Scrooge, the main … Continue reading

Blowing in the wind

The weather is a popular topic of conversation in both the UK and Sweden. You can never go wrong talking about the weather. What it was like yesterday, whether it was a good summer and will it rain tomorrow? Sometimes … Continue reading

Get the Olympics and Business Celebration Started!

Tonight is the big night. I have always been interested in business. Before going to university I had a couple of minutes of agony – thinking that I might instead attend theatre school – but I never felt confident enough … Continue reading