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Howard is Managing Director of Healthcare UK. He is a highly-qualified healthcare management professional with over 30 years’ experience of public and private sector healthcare throughout the UK and in more than 65 countries worldwide. Howard has managed large hospitals in the Middle East and undertaken a wide range of consulting assignments for public and private sector clients as well as for some of the leading development agencies such as the World Bank, Department for International Development, Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations.

Healthcare UK and China

I first went to China to look at their health system back in 1978. The gang of four led by Madame Mao had just been deposed and a diminutive 74 year-old had started to gain a hold on the reins … Continue reading

Healthcare UK launches

Arab Health in Dubai is a bit like Christmas – it comes round only once every twelve months but it’s a great time for meeting up with friends you haven’t seen all year. This year, Arab Health was special because … Continue reading

Healthcare UK – a portal to excellence

The UK healthcare system is considered on many criteria to be the best in the world. Now that’s probably what you’d expect the new Managing Director of Healthcare UK to say. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to … Continue reading